Wangechi Mutu

Wangechi Mutu, Cancer of the Uterus, 2005. Glitter, fur, collage on found medical illustration paper, 46 x 31cm.

UPDATE: MARCH 29, 2012

Wangechi Mutu, My Strength Lies, 2006, ink, acrylic, photo collage, contact paper, on Mylar. 228.6 x 137.2 cm

Images courtesy Saatchi Gallery, London.


Wangechi Mutu, Backlash Blues, 2004, ink, acrylic, photocollage, contact paper, on mylar, 198 x 119.4 cm

Number 9 of Ashley Bickerton’s Top Ten in this month’s issue of Artforum. Image via The Saatchi Gallery, London.


I first stumbled across the fascinating collages of this Nairobi-born New York artist in the cyber void. The works barked out, as though executed in rhythmic sequences, but each with its own distinct momentum. Lyric and ravishing, these pointed images offer a dense package of erotic fury and writhing sensual form; they also vigorously represent. Mutu makes work that embodies those qualities that I love. She is a torch singer of the highest order.



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